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Gregory Ballos

Gregory Ballos

Bentonville, AR


Award winning and nationally published photographer specializing in United States urban cityscapes and travel photography. When you buy a piece of my photographic artwork you're buying a collectible fine art image that will last for many years to come. I use Nikon full frame DSLRs with a full range of Nikkor lenses, and post-process my digital captures in Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop to bring to life my artistic creations.

ARTIST STATEMENT: For over a decade, I have been developing my own unique style of fine art photography that seeks to push the boundaries of dynamic light, bold contrasts and ethereal tones. Self-taught in the fields of cityscape and landscape photography, my style has become recognized for capturing nostalgic city skylines, expansive landscapes of the American Southwest as well as old barns and mills that are unfortunately on the brink of extinction.

My passion for art started at a very young age, drawing and painting with my grandmother in her basement. I can vividly remember her teaching me so much about art, and life, but the lesson that has carried over most into my photographic work is how the difference between “good art” and “great art” is often in paying attention to the smallest of details. Taking time to focus on critical aspects others may not even notice at first, but are more and more appreciated with each passing glance.

Like most, academics and athletics took up the bulk of my life until my early twenties – but the passion for creating never faded. At the age of 22, on road trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I would eventually make my home for the next decade of my life, my introduction to photography would come. Driving past the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, I can still recall snapping a simple picture of the evening sun reflecting off of the Archway that would resonate with my spirit and go on to ignite my love and desire for the world of fine art photography.

Originally from the rolling hills of Northeastern Ohio, I now call Northwest Arkansas and Ozark Mountain area home. I travel extensively to some of the most iconic, as well as most remote, locations across America on a two-fold mission; connect others with some of the most breath-taking and beautiful sights our world has to offer and to inspire all of us to respect and preserve that beauty for the generations to come.


Bourbon Whiskey Water Tower and Clouds Panorama by Gregory Ballos


Midtown Bentonville Neon Color - Cityscape by Gregory Ballos


Aspen Colorado Maroon Lake and Mountain Reflections - Monochrome by Gregory Ballos


Vibrant Houston Texas City Skyline by Gregory Ballos


Urban Graffiti Landscape - Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge - St. Louis Missouri by Gregory Ballos


Bourbon Tower and Tree - Black and White by Gregory Ballos


Old Main during Autumn at University of Arkansas Panorama by Gregory Ballos


Sigma Chi - University of Arkansas Razorback Campus by Gregory Ballos


Denver Union Station - 1914 Beaux-Arts Train Station - Black and White by Gregory Ballos


Nashville Skyline along Lower Broadway in the Music City by Gregory Ballos


Downtown St. Louis City Reflections by Gregory Ballos


Tulsa Oklahoma from the Shoreline by Gregory Ballos


Sam Walton Old Ford Truck and Downtown Bentonville Skyline by Gregory Ballos


Bourbon Whiskey Water Tower and Cloudy Skies - Sepia by Gregory Ballos


Shadows Under the Mesa Arch - Black and White Utah Landscape by Gregory Ballos


J.C. Nichols Fountain and KC Plaza - Infrared Monochrome by Gregory Ballos


Ernest Tubb Record Shop - Downtown Nashville - Black and White by Gregory Ballos


Denver Skyline at Dawn - Black and White by Gregory Ballos


Maroon Bells Snowy Autumn Mountain Landscape - Aspen Colorado - Monochrome by Gregory Ballos


Cosmic Sunrise - Arches National Park by Gregory Ballos


Kansas City J.C. Nichols Fountain Monochrome by Gregory Ballos


Tulsa Praying Hands and Cross Landscape - Oral Roberts University - Black and White by Gregory Ballos


Tulsa Oklahoma CityPlex Towers at Dusk by Gregory Ballos


Kansas City Skyline in Spring by Gregory Ballos


Fall on the River - Columbus Ohio by Gregory Ballos


Ocean Pier Silhouettes - California Sunset by Gregory Ballos


Alley Spring Water Mill in Missouri by Gregory Ballos


Moving Through Music City - Nashville Skyline Cityscape by Gregory Ballos


Boulder Falls - Appalachian Mountain Area - West Virginia by Gregory Ballos


Yosemite Half Dome Mountain Landscape Reflection - Sepia Square Format by Gregory Ballos


Bella Vista Veteran War Memorial - Northwest Arkansas by Gregory Ballos


Foliage Framed Denver Skyline Reflections - Square Format - Black and White by Gregory Ballos


Walking to the Golden Gate Bridge - California by Gregory Ballos


Denver Colorado Rocky Mountain Landscape from the Capitol Building by Gregory Ballos


Dallas Texas Skyline at Sunset by Gregory Ballos


Aspen Colorado Autumn Mountain Landscape Reflections by Gregory Ballos


Busch Stadium Night Game Panoramic - Saint Louis by Gregory Ballos


Central Avenue Panorama - Bentonville Arkansas Skyline by Gregory Ballos


Maroon Bells Snowy Autumn Mountain Landscape - Aspen Colorado - Sepia by Gregory Ballos


Kansas City War Memorial and Block Fountain Black and White by Gregory Ballos


Bentonville Arkansas Skyline Sunrise by Gregory Ballos


An Autumn Stream by Gregory Ballos


Hidden Shuttlecock - Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City by Gregory Ballos


Centennial Park Lake and the Tulsa Skyline at Dusk by Gregory Ballos


Bourbon Whiskey Water Tower Art - Monochrome by Gregory Ballos


Welcome to Jenks America - Oklahoma Architectural Wall Art by Gregory Ballos


The Snowy Bells - Maroon Bells Aspen Colorado by Gregory Ballos


Gateway Arch National Park with Cloudy Monochrome Skies by Gregory Ballos